10/20 thru 10/30 Look Ahead

Lane Tech window installation 10-21 thru 10-30


Construction Updates


New windows in Gym 3 Completed.

DSC_0730 DSC_0731

East elevation. You can see the difference between the old and new windows. The new windows have white frames and are the same color as the original 1935 Lane Tech windows. Below on the first floor are visible the old brown frame windows.

Rest of the updates:

T-Mobile is almost 100% done relocating the tower by the driver’s education.
Light by door M will be fixed and installed this week. Currently we have a generator running the lights.
All noisy work will be stopped during testing days between the hours of 8 a.m .- 12 p.m.
Rooms 117, 119, 125, 145, 153 will be complete and turned over by Wednesday October 21st.
Gym windows were replaced, we are looking into the cost of refurbishing the metal gates which protect windows from sports equipment such as basketballs, volleyballs etc.
All temporary roof work has been completed. Shingles, Insulation and Slate is being delivered this week.

Construction Updates

Building Updates

Items discussed at yesterday’s meeting

Gym 3 is currently under construction and will receive new windows and paint, gym, locker rooms and offices.
Light will be installed above door M for better visibility.
Trophy cases are getting added to the first floor for Athletics.
Compactor move from door J over to the driver’s ed building near Jewel.
Factory custodian was added to the night crew to supervise Aramark custodians and help engineers with light work.

Building Updates